Thursday, April 05, 2007


After thinking long and hard about what I wanted to place in an important area of my life, I decided I had two important places. My current residence and the place I grew up. Since my house is outside the city I figured the exercise was fitting to be done in both places. I moved where I did in order to give my son a better life style. Since this is his spring break week he has been in the neighborhood I grew up in all week and I have been visiting through the week. On the corner of the block I placed my symbol and I also placed my symbol on a tree behind my house. Both symbols lasted for what I can say 3 days.

The peace symbol I placed in my old neighborhood was placed on a door of what used to be a church/polling place and is now used by the local drug dealers to sit under. I visited my son thursday after work and placed it in the doorway thinking if it rained it would be safe. I waited around for the guys to leave so they wouldn't see me place it. I pinned it in the doorway and left. 2 days later it was gone.

The peace symbol I placed on my tree in the back also met an untimely death. I placed it in the back Sunday night and the rain washed it away.

Kinda draws a line that peace will end in it's own way...

So since I had such an issue with the weather and paper I retried with an object tagged and placed..since when I posted the peace sign on the tree out back of my house..

in a well traveled back street (my block is a dead end block) but the forces of nature were against me SO, I decided to take the concept of wood since it can beat the rain and did this...

I hung a wooden brush from the clothes line out back of my house ... seemed fitting at the time and very fitting now with the large amount of deaths recently for the symbol to still be this

peace sign..

and I took a picture every few days...

I thought what I was doing was going unnoticed because no neighbors said anything and I didn't receive a ticket (don't ask)

one day a friend who had been coming over my house almost every other day for about 2 weeks asked "I meant to ask you this last time, what's up with the brush outside?" I asked him did he notice the symbol on it and he said no...

(you can even see it from a distance)

just goes to show you tha some people never get the message, but they notice the means you use to try and get it out.